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Dear [livejournal.com profile] yuletide Author,

First and foremost - thank you so much for signing up, and it's really exciting to know that we share an interest in at least one of the world's rarer fandoms :-)

To be honest, a piece of writing related to any of these fandoms would be a real treat, in and of itself. The details I gave in the signup were intended to be starting points for inspiration - there's no need to adhere to them rigidly unless that would work well for you.

Here are some more thoughts about the fandoms/characters I selected, which I hope might be helpful...

Jeeves and Wooster. Bertie and Jeeves are one of my favourite slashy couples! On the other hand, if you'd rather write a gen-fic featuring them, that would be fine, too. I love the carefree innocence of P.G. Wodehouse's world - the joie de vivre, the escapism. I'm in love with Jeeves' brain, and both enjoy fics in which he is shimmeringly omniscient, or in which he is far more human and introspective. A genuine plot in this fandom would be marvellous.

Tennessee Williams - The Glass Menagerie. I'd be pleased to receive a story focussing on any one or combination of characters from this play - but as you can see, I wrote an Amanda-centric prompt to provide inspiration, if you'd like to use it. In general, I'd like a story which at least in part takes place after the curtain goes down - to explore what happens next, and how the events of the play have affected those involved.

Care Bears. This is my fandom of nostalgia and cute fuzziness! I have seen some crazy, depraved Care Bears crack-fic out there, and although it can be quite amusing, it's probably not what I'd request. That's not to say that more grown-up themes should necessarily be off-limits, though. World-building within the fandom would be lovely, as so little is seen in the original series/movies. Some personality differences between the individual bears/cousins would be marvellous - as opposed to them being interchangeable in their huggable helpfulness. *g*

Absolutely Fabulous. Apologies for leaving the details field blank on this one (that was actually a computer-related error on my part). Having said that, anything at all featuring the characters from this series would make me smile! I particularly love the snarky interplay between Patsy and Saffy, and Eddie's mad schemes can be great fun. I probably envisioned a gen-fic in this fandom, but I'm not at all averse to reading a pairing or two here - of any variety. I'm by no means a femmeslash aficionado, but I can definitely see the potential for f/f in this fandom, if that floats your boat!

In general, I like...

- Romance that makes my heart sing - with happy endings and perhaps some fluff - but peppered with enough angst along the way to make those happy endings seem all the more believable and satisfying.

- Well thought-out plots, perhaps with the odd nail-biting moment along the way.

- Strong, believable characterisation. This is probably the thing I love most!

- Humour. Particularly if the style rings true to that of the original (i.e. canon) author.

- Hot, exciting, consensual sex (especially m/m slash). 'Lighter' kinks (eg. mild BDSM, crossdressing) can work well with the right characters... The best aphrodisiac in my opinion is probably 'love'. (awww...)

In general, I'm not so keen on....

- Dark, depressing tales with unhappy/hopeless endings.

- Heavy kinks (eg. extreme BDSM, any bodily fluids not usually associated with sex)

- Non-con/dub-con

- Gratuitous violence - although that's not to say that a violent scene can't be effective within a plot, if it is appropriately dealt with.

- Extreme chan (i.e. under 14 years old). Older teens are a grey area, I think - depending very much on the individual characters.

Once again, thank you *so* much for writing this story for me! I'm really looking forward to reading it :-)

PurpleFluffyCat x

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