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Today, the 4th April 2016, marks the 10th anniversary of this account, and of my pen-name [livejournal.com profile] purplefluffycat!

To celebrate, I thought I'd post this meme and see If I get any takers :-) It was doing the rounds a while back, and was clearly sufficiently nifty to have stuck in the memory...

"Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least 100 words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future."

An up-to-date list of my fics in alphabetical order are on AO3, here:


Alternatively/additionally a far more general meme: feel free to ask me anything that strikes your fancy. About my writing (generically, or any particular piece), RL, favourites/unfavourites, random topics of conversation? All very much welcome!

To state the reflection that is so common in these situations: ten years feels like a very long time - and yet the stories and memories from my early years in fandom still seem really fresh and recent. Time is oxymoronic like that, isn't it? I've been through a lot, both good and bad,  in these ten years, and this LJversary has provided a bit of an opportunity to navel-gaze; to think about how life has changed and grown in expected and unexpected ways, and also to really value and appreciate the things that haven't changed - the core of one's life-choices and personality, if you will.

I think that the little niche of fandom that I am so lucky to have found is very close to that core. Fandom has been a source of such joy and discovery. It has, in many ways, been an education - both related to the kind invitation I received in 2009 to join Daily Deviant(!), and otherwise. It gave me the confidence to write and to love language - a trait that I had thought I'd lost when 'creative writing' tasks in school made way for calculations and factual essays. It gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people that share my enthusiasms and world-view  - and also equally wonderful people who have a very different world-view that they explain so eloquently I am enriched and broadened by it. It gave me the opportunity to make friends across the miles - some who I have had the joy of meeting in person, and many sadly not, as yet - who are each special and dear to me.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I send thanks to every author who has written a story I have enjoyed, every artist who has created a work I have admired, every reader who has been so kind as to have left a comment on my work, and every one of you reading this. A community is merely the sum and product of its people, and I feel honoured to have been part of one so beautiful.
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